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At Canna-Oils, we believe that Your Health Matters. It is our promise to you. Our undiluted Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) is triple-distilled making them the cleanest terpenes in the world. In a similar way to CBD oil, our oils promote life and vitality, bringing energy and balance. Whether its chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress or insomnia, these products are for you.

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Safe - Natural - Clean

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Canna Oils Ultra is a powerful plant isolate that supports the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps modulate sleep, stress response and relief from pain and inflammation.

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What are Terpenes?

A terpene is an organic scent molecule, which can be found all through nature. In essence, terpenes are what cause things to give off a certain scent. This can be seen in all things from flowers, spices, fruit and trees.

Terpenes can have many therapeutic properties and are the foundation of all aromatherapy. When ingested, applied to the skin or inhaled, these fragrant oils not only smell nice, but can also affect the way we feel.

While it can be easy to compare terpenes and essential oils, they are not the same. Essential oils are known to provide a wide range of benefits, and they smell nice because they consist of natural, fragrant terpenes, whereas pure terpenes are the isolated scent molecules derived from the essential oil of the plant.

The primary active ingredient are terpenes within the essential oil. These are the same exact terpenes that are found not only in the cannabis plant but also in other medicinal plants. Canna Oils Ultra is extracted from either the clove or black pepper plants.

Terpenes are a purified essential oil, containing only the most active components.

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Safe - Natural - Clean

There are so many reasons to buy beta caryophyllene oils.

Our Products are derived from natural, non-GMO organic plants.

They are ultra-distilled making them the purest terpenes in the world.

Our Canna Oils are safe for all kinds of pain relief, inflammation, anxiety, stress and insomnia & 100% safe for internal and topical use.

Our Guarantee

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the sale. We are committed to providing comprehensive post-purchase assistance, answering any questions and providing tips to ensures that our customers can maximise the benefits of our products.  You can get in touch via the Contact Us tab. 

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