This is a question that we get asked A LOT!  Unfortunately, there have not been any studies conducted regarding Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) and pregnancy, but if you recall our discussion a few months back on endometriosis, the studies found that BCP did not affect fertility – so that’s a good start.

I did a bit of a hunt around the internet and found an article posing the question if CBD was safe to take during pregnancy, which interested me, because as you know CBD & BCP activate the same receptors of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The author of this article found this conclusion regarding CBD:

“At this point, studies suggest that there is not only risk to the growth to the fetus in general, but also that early exposure to cannabinoids may impact the developing brain,” she says. “Pregnant women should avoid the use of cannabinoid formulations.” While the research on CBD has remained limited, according to Clifton, the studies done “are consistent that the growth of the baby is affected.”

But then went on to say:

What can pregnant women use instead (of CBD)? 

“There are a number of things that stimulate and balance the tone of the encodcannabinoid system (ECS),” says Clifton. “Pinene, for example, from pine trees or more commonly pine nuts or basil, is excellent for the ECS. Limonene from lemons and other citrus is also delicious and helpful.  Beta Caryophyllene and the extracts from black pepper support the tone of the ECS marvelously.” She recommends talking with your essential oils expert ……since they carry products “that support ECS tone without exposure to cannabinoids.”

I got a bit excited to find BCP specifically mentioned and that the author recommends it during pregnancy for support of the ECS.  Remembering that BCP is a terpene and not a cannabinoid.

I also know personally of someone who asked her GP if she felt it was safe to continue using BCP Oil during her pregnancy and her GP was totally fine with it – not to say that her GP is an expert on the matter, but it was reassuring that the GP couldn’t see a problem with it.

I think that this is great news for all of our lovely pregnant ladies out there. All the best from the Canna Oils team!  Be sure to let us know how your pregnancy goes, and we would love to see a pic or two of your latest edition once they make their safe arrival.


The above information is for educational purposes only – not intended as medical advice.

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