I have had 4 different cancers in the last 3 years all treated with surgery and radiation. I also have a chronic issue with my ankle where i have cortisone every 4 months just to walk, and permanently am in a brace, I have copious amounts of opioids daily, waiting for my ankle to be permanently frozen. I recently had another diagnosis and looks like my nose may be removed for a second time and more radiation. so anxiety right now is a bit over the edge. I have tried just about everything. My husband was chatting to these guys about fishing while I was scouting some seriously good olives when I can back and started talking to Julie. I thought why not I have nothing to loose. I take 4 drops in the morning and 6 at night. I am surprised how different I feel I was very skeptical. I sleep so much better and dont move around as much, my nausea is not as bad and it helps when I am anxious, which at the moment is my life, I have also been able to lower my OxyContin tablets to just about zero. I feel more energetic and more lively. Hubby’s response was when I use it I am more Chirpy, up beat not as stressed. I highly recommend anyone giving it a try, it worked for me in ways I never ever expected. So thank you to you and your hubby for striking up a conversation with mine about fishing that one moment in time has been a game changer, better than catching a big dewy. We have finally found something that works xx