Well. Where does one start with this amazing product?!
I’ve been using Canna Oils for almost a year now.
I started with the Ultra Blend only. 6/8 drops under the tongue before bedtime. Then that went so well, I decided as an experiment for me…using both the Ultra as well as the blend.
Played around with both products a bit and now I prefer to use the Ultra in the morning, as I find it helps me with energy and concentration. Seems to set me up for the day. About 3/4 drops enough for me underneath the tongue, then the Ultra Blend at night…Great for my joints, relaxation and just an overall soothing tonic.
I usually in winter suffer quite badly with arthritic pain, and it certainly has alleviated these symptoms. My movement and energy levels are much improved.
Being over 60, always active as well as a yoga buff, I highly recommend Canna Oils as a natural, healthy way to stay there. Vitality is one of the keys to a good life.😊
Thank you so much to the team at Canna Oils.🙌😍✨🙏