In a nutshell, this has been an absolute game changer for myself, and my young son with ASD! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/PTSD/Insomnia/Anxiety and was taking pain killers and valium daily. Five weeks ago I started the Blend and now take the Ultra, I haven’t touch nor needed valium, and I think I have had Panadol three times. I have spent years a shell of myself and my Husband says it is so noticeable from his point of view just how much more relaxed and myself I am again. I have been giving my son a drop morning and night and he too is so calm, he is no longer having outbursts and is so much more happier, and he says it helps him “think” better. My brain fog is gone, my sleep is amazing, my anxiety is gone and I just feel ‘normal’. The customer service was amazing and I can’t thank Julie and Chris enough for taking the time to speak to me on the phone and answer my many questions. I am highly recommending this to everyone I know with painful Autoimmune Disease or PTSD ❤️