I’d like to just say this oil is AMAZING however I’d like to tell you ‘why!’I am 45, a mother of 4 with a hectic lifestyle and a 2 year old on board lol! I have suffered back pain since I was 14 due to scoliosis and other spinal/pelvis conditions and after a serious car accident when I was 18 the pain became almost unbearable each and every day of my life since. Now at 45, I have fibromyalgia, sacrolitis/ inflammation and extensive spinal/disc problems, pelvis issues, reactive arthritis and every day is a struggle. I do not sleep well due to these conditions and I also have restless legs, I wake almost every hour. Sometimes, my energy levels are next to none and I have stresses beyond imaginable most days due to my family demands.I met Julie and Chris at the markets and bought their oil in 2020. At first I was quite inconsistent in taking it until I realised the difference it was making. I was having good days, something I’d never felt before then suddenly I realised it was because I was taking the oil. I felt the difference on these days id forget to take my drops!!I have unfortunately been taking opioid medication for many years which sometimes does not even do the job it should. I have noticed so many positives since taking canna oil. My energy increases, sleep is better, stress seems to elevate. My pain is much better. I also have a condition called vestibular migraine and benign proximal vertigo which causes balance issues, dizzies and a general feeling of brain fog. The oil works amazing for this. I feel more alert and energetic. I also have a son, 17, who has severe PTSD and trauma issues from a work accident, he also has ASD and he is taking the oil aswell. Then there is my Dad, well he too had a horrific work accident and has lived with pain for 9 years now after severing his arm and has back problems as bad as myself! He also has diabetes and high blood pressure. I gave him some oil and after 3 days he was like a new man. He had no energy and spent most days on the lounge, now my dad is a real aussie blokey bloke and quite the sceptic. On the 3rd day he was walking up a hill, something he has tried to do before but couldnt for many reasons. He has noticed a difference in his overall health and wellbeing since taking the oil and also his pain score has decreased when in the past nothing made a difference to him.I strongly recommend this product and honestly you would never find more beautiful people than Julie and Chris. They won’t just sell you the oil, they want to be a part of your journey too and offer their support so willingly if you need it.Sometimes when the stresses of life are too much to bear, I’ll take an extra 2 drops and I feel almost instantly calmer. I have tested this theory by taking the oil and then stopping and all I can say is I will NOT be stopping it anymore as the results are evident to me that this is liquid gold and it works in so many different areas. I am a classic case of the ‘too hard basket’ for medical doctors to treat without offering opioid medications as a bandaid fix so I now look forward to eliminating these horrible drugs from my life and replacing it with canna oil. Just try it, I say! What do you have to loose?