I have Migraines and for past 43 years the only thing that has worked to help get through them was codeine. Recent changes to legislation mean that is no longer readily available and on a recent trip to family my sister in law, a registered nurse, told to try the oil.
Having tried every medication over the years I was sceptical but followed the instructions, 6 drops under the tongue etc, and it tasted like straw to me.
I then went to have a sleep, no codeine was taken, and I woke up without a migraine feeling refreshed and so much better.
Visited the website with an interest in cost, supply and usage and it is easy to understand, easy to follow and has different purchase options to suit most budgets.
I am very cautious about using anything associated with hemp because of my work and testing. This works, is allowed and legal with great results in my own personal pain management.