I am 52 yr old female, I started using Canna-oil Ultra after I got Covid in late March. Weeks later, I still had brain fog, lethargy, shortness of breathe and a cough. Realised that as Covid symptoms inflammation based that Canna-oil’s terpenes may help alleviate some of it..it was worth a try as I was told by Drs that I had to ‘ride out’ the covid symptoms and give it time!

4 days are commencing Canna-oil most of the symptoms were gone. Cough disappeared after 5-6days. I continued the canna-oil taking 4 drops twice a day and month later realised the back pain that I had from a car accident had also eased and I had alot more energy to do things. On a recent overseas trip, I did a 25km bike ride and hikes, drive long trips and had way more energy then I’ve had in several years.

Also now if I get sore muscles from working out or long work days at computer, I take a dose and also rub small amount on the muscle and by next day it has eased.

Wanted to write this review as I now recommend Canna-oil to anyone I speak to that has lingering Covid symptoms and other long term issues. This is just my journey with Canna-oil, however I feel it was definitely far better then riding out the covid symptoms and it improved so many other areas of my life..and wasn’t pharmaceuticals.