Before taking this twice daily, I was stressed out and not sleeping well. Cranky and easily irritable. Having taken this now for a few weeks, I definitely feel I’m coping better. Great to be able to take a natural product to help increase my mood, make me feel generally happier and sleep better.

Jessica Beattie

My wife had tried this oil to help with her Burning Mouth Syndrome. It has helped the burning at night and had improved her pain through the day. It is her first bottle and she is about to start on her second hopefully even better results!!

William Walsh

Absolutely Amazing!

My parents initially bought a small bottle of the Canna-Oil for several reasons – anxiety, stress, skin issues, period pain, and formerly, insomnia and gut issues. I’ve only been on it for around 2 or 3 weeks now and I can already see some differences!

I am someone who needs A LOT of sleep – usually 9 to 10 hours is normal for me, and makes me feel energized and concentrated throughout the whole day. A couple days ago, I got 7 hours of sleep. Usually when I get that quantity of sleep, I feel groggy and tired throughout the whole day, but a couple days ago, I felt great! I felt as if I got my usual 9 hours of rest, thanks to the oil! I’ll probably update this review over the next few weeks or months, just to see the other fantastic differences it makes for me! Highly recommended, I’ll be needing to purchase a new one soon! 🙂

Harper Selmes

Ordered the Canna-Oils Ultra (non-blend). Helps immensely with restful sleep as well as mild pain relief from previous knee and pelvic injuries. Made from either pepper or clove extract, this won’t trigger any drug screening tests that I’m required for my employment.

Kent Marama

I found BCP oil at my local market and decided to give it a try after hearing rave reviews by friends of similar CBD oils. I’ve been taking anti-depressants for over 10 years, suffer from aches and pains related to exercise and when I get stressed I can get severe depression. Weeks after taking BCP oil, I started reducing my medication (on GP advice) and found that, with the BCP oil, I’ve now halved my anti-depressant dose with zero side effects. I had tried this a year ago and had bad side effects so raised my dose again. My general well-being has improved, I feel calm, can manage everything with ease, have no aches and pains and just feel, I guess you’d call it ‘happy’ and at peace. Highly recommended.

Anna Nolan

This product has been amazingly helpful for my lower back pain. So much so that I’ve been able to get a good nights sleep finally

Penny Cripps

I’ve been taking the oil for a couple of months now after AML and a bone marrow transplant i have lived with pain , my pain has improved and my well -being has improved greatly, thank you Canna-Oil

Steve Linsdell

I am 52 yr old female, I started using Canna-oil Ultra after I got Covid in late March. Weeks later, I still had brain fog, lethargy, shortness of breathe and a cough. Realised that as Covid symptoms inflammation based that Canna-oil’s terpenes may help alleviate some of was worth a try as I was told by Drs that I had to ‘ride out’ the covid symptoms and give it time!

4 days are commencing Canna-oil most of the symptoms were gone. Cough disappeared after 5-6days. I continued the canna-oil taking 4 drops twice a day and month later realised the back pain that I had from a car accident had also eased and I had alot more energy to do things. On a recent overseas trip, I did a 25km bike ride and hikes, drive long trips and had way more energy then I’ve had in several years.

Also now if I get sore muscles from working out or long work days at computer, I take a dose and also rub small amount on the muscle and by next day it has eased.

Wanted to write this review as I now recommend Canna-oil to anyone I speak to that has lingering Covid symptoms and other long term issues. This is just my journey with Canna-oil, however I feel it was definitely far better then riding out the covid symptoms and it improved so many other areas of my life..and wasn’t pharmaceuticals.

Vikki Linn

Sleeping much better 😊


My sleep has been transformed with Canna Oil. I have had insomnia on and off for a long time and it is almost completely gone. I don’t even need to top up the oil during the night. If I wake, I just resettle – so amazing. Thanks 😊

Nicole Biggins

I started taking Ultra a couple of months ago after meeting the team at the Lake Macquarie markets. I’ve found that my stress levels have dropped, I’m sleeping better and my general mood and anxiety levels are much more stable so I’ll definitely be buying again.

James Daly

I first bought this product at the Sydney Mind Body festival and I’m so glad I did! I’ve previously tried all different CBD oils with various levels of THC ranging from 0% to a high percentage and in my opinion this product is far superior and it’s a fraction of the price.
I use it for hypersensitivity, when I’m feeling overstimulated or stressed. It works instantly and it’s better than CBD oil, to calm frazzled nerves.
Also good if you suffer from insomnia.
It’s such a great price point, I urge everyone to just try it, you will be so glad that you did!

Ash Umar

leisa Rowlands

Just wanted to finally leave a review about BCP oil as it is very much life-changing! I first took it for shingles late last year, tried everything with limited affect and I was getting the worst neuropathic pain in heart and back for two months.. BCP made it stop within two days of application internally and topically! Then I fell pregnant at the end of shingles and BCP has been a Godsend for me; providing pain relief for headaches, jaw pain, pain from swelling ankles.. I know its safe and for pregnancy there is virtually nothing you can take safely for pain. I can’t recommend it enough and it would be the most important thing I would pack in my bag going anywhere and keep stocked up at home. Thank you for saving me big time over the last year! All the best Zoe


Such an amazing product!! Initially purchased for my daughter who is now sleeping soundly, and currently being used by the whole family for sleep, pain and inflammation, and anxiety. Thanks canna oils!

Tracey Ehlefeldt

I have Migraines and for past 43 years the only thing that has worked to help get through them was codeine. Recent changes to legislation mean that is no longer readily available and on a recent trip to family my sister in law, a registered nurse, told to try the oil.
Having tried every medication over the years I was sceptical but followed the instructions, 6 drops under the tongue etc, and it tasted like straw to me.
I then went to have a sleep, no codeine was taken, and I woke up without a migraine feeling refreshed and so much better.
Visited the website with an interest in cost, supply and usage and it is easy to understand, easy to follow and has different purchase options to suit most budgets.
I am very cautious about using anything associated with hemp because of my work and testing. This works, is allowed and legal with great results in my own personal pain management.

Lance Millington

Our Australian kelpie has Epilepsy and he has been on Canna-oil for three months and only had one seizure.

Lisa Kadiroglu

Can’t live without it has done wonders for my back pain and better quality of sleep.

Teresa Krug

I tried some time ago but gave up after a short while. After having Covid I tried the Ultra again and have been much more serious and diligent about it, increasing gradually to 10 dr0ps. It has helped greatly in the after effects of covid especially the tiredness.

Rosslyn Hay

A definite improvement in mood and sleeping. Still adjusting dose to target inflammation of joints

Donna Riley

Awesome product for human and puppy anxiety. Also great at relieving my backpain within a few minutes

Kim Anderson

A fantastic natural product. This product has helped relieve me of stress and anxiety. It also helps with my joint pain and inflammation. I will be subscribing to this product it is working wonders.

Jamaya Pearse

I’ve been using this oil for quite a number of months and can’t be without it. We have encouraged most of our family to use it for various reasons as well. I have received instant  relief of inflammation of an old injury and my husband for Bursitis. I can thoroughly recommend this product to anyone seeking fast relief for many ailments!

Rochelle Hollier

I’ve been using Canna-oils for a couple of months and noticed I feel less stress, pain and inflammation. I find it calming and grounding.

Deb Harrison

Love this quality product, safe and effective, I’m 4weeks in and sleeping well and feel calm, also helps with pain and inflamation with oral and most of all topically onto sour areas, its a game changer, try it for your self, you won’t regret it, oh and its very affordable, in my case at 3-4 drops twice daily = $5 / week approx. Thanks Canna oils

Peter Nairn

“I started taking Canna-oil about four weeks ago to help with General health and anxiety and it has started to work wonders for me. I highly recommend this product to anybody. Thanks Dan”

Dan Cattle

Great product with immediate effects with oral and topical use, great for calming the mind which helps everything, sleep especially,, thanks again, Peter.


I was recommended Canna oils by my GP for stress and anxiety. I also had some muscle tension and aches and pains. After taking the oil nightly for about a week my symptoms drastically reduced. It also helps you get a great nights sleep. I highly recommend this product. Julie and her husband are lovely to chat to and are very knowledgeable.

Terry Bird

I’ve had chronic pain in my mouth for a few years now. I have taken many medications and seen many specialists.
I have only been using the oil since 25.03.22. I have noticed my pain is lesser in the time I have been taking it. I have even got my friend using the oil now. I will be ordering more in the future a big thank you to Canna Oils.

Jane Jones

This product is amazing! I have had trouble sleeping, waking up at 3:00am every night and not being able to go back to sleep. Since taking Canna-Oils Ultra my sleep has improved greatly and if i wake up, i can go straight back to sleep. A great product and a great Aussie Company.

Caz M



I’ve been using for several weeks now ( originally commenced this for my migraines) but have not only seen relief with my almost daily migraines (to now none at all), but also relief with inflammation in several parts of my body that were inflammed. It definitely works and I am also having a great night sleep and improved mood. I’ve now set up for an auto bi-monthly, as I don’t ever want to run out! I highly recommend this product for migraines, anxiety and depression, inflammation and improved sleep.

Amy Threadgate

The best decision ever, my whole family have been using the oil since December 2021 and ongoing.
It’s has helped us all out with our busy lifestyle and anxiety. Health comes first and this will remain our daily routine. Thank you. We have recommended so many friends & family from Sydney and they all have the same feedback.

Naamet Naamets

Amazing,  after having a nightmare reaction to my p***r injection I was left with constant chest pain and was unable to eat barely anything without ending up in ridiculous amounts of pain, after a week of using this amazing product my pains have 99% gone, I have not been sick in 2 weeks and have not had any pains, I also suffered from bad knees and wrist and have not had one ounce of pain, I walked 5km the other day something I havn’t been able to do in 6 months with no issues, and now sleep like a baby every night, thank u so much guys ur product has changed my life xo

Kristie Obrien

Great product . Definitely works

Sarkis Nalbandian

I was taking nurofen every couple of days for back pain. Since using Canna-oil Ultra I have only taken nurofen once. Most nights I also seem to get a little better sleep.

Chris Mills

I just want to thank u for ur amazing product , after 6 months of chest pain after having my pf***r injection and being left in extreme pain after eating 80% of the time , I can honestly say since using ur product my pains have gone and I have not been sick once this was pretty much instant after the 2nd dose, and as well my knees I have alot of pain with and my rsi are all no longer hurting and I’m sleeping like a baby after only a week of use , thank u so so much again.

Kristie Obrien

Super happy with oil seems to be helping with my nerve pain. When i ran out of oil I noticed the pain creeping back got more oil and seemed to calm down. Can highly recommend this product.


I have recently started using Canna Oils for anxiety, PTSD,gastric distress and horrid nerve pain. After a few days of commencing I noticed i was not getting the nerve pain in my foot as bad. By the second bottle of the oil the nerve pain is nearly gone just a lingering reminder but no where near as much pain as I was in.The other issues I face daily are Ok but no real difference. Can throughly recommend the oil for inflammation associated with my nerve pain.


Corlette NSW

I use canna oil Ultra. I have the highest grade brain cancer. It helps my head pain every day. Can’t recommend it enough

Kerrie O’Brien

Hi, it’s Kelly! This product has made me feel much calmer dealing with day-to-day stresses. I am aware my emotional reaction to situations is much better since starting the canna oils in January. I am on to my fourth bottle already. A returning customer who enjoys receiving the newsletters and becoming better informed.

Kelly Graham

I sleep so much better now I take this product has also helped with the frequency of headaches and migraine without taking nasty pills. So far so good will definitely be ordering more.


I have been using Utra for a good 12 months now I find I sleep better & helps with all the pains swear by this product the best ever I’ve found out there .Julie & hubby friendly. & great to deal with Thanks guys will continue to use for a long time to come!!!

Kerrie Wenzel

I was taking Canna-Oils for about 8 months and drastically noticed an improvement in my insomnia and anxiety. I didn’t take it every night and still noticed a massive difference. I accidentally smashed my bottle and didn’t replace it for the past 6 weeks and I’ve gone down hill with my sleep and stress levels. I’ve just ordered another bottle and I’m so excited to get my life back on track. I’ll never leave it til I have none left again!

Rachael Jenkins

I have only just discovered Canna Oils & so far so good. Already my mood has improved & I am sleeping so much better.

Susan Devereux

I’ve been suffering severe nerve pain this product has helped me immensely I am so grateful I can recommend this product to anyone in Pain or even stress and sleep.

Katie G

Have only been taking for 2 weeks and so far it’s been pretty good. I think it’s too soon to know exactly how it’s working for me due to having very chronic conditions that involves chronic pain. When I first started taking canna oil it felt that it was healing the pain. I think I have gone into a deeper level of healing so will need to revisit in another 2 weeks time. I would definitely recommend.


This oil is really great for pain and getting better sleep and the service form the company is really great also as I have experienced fast delivery.

Kevin Colman

I’ve been taking Canna-Oil for about 2 years now and it helps me immensely with anxiety and stress as well as sleeping. But it blew my mind when I used it currently on a very nasty steam burn. I had a big burn on the inside of my left arm which was extremely sore, skin peeling off and oozing. I started putting some drops on at night and in less then two days it completely dried up and the skin is re-growing without leaving any scars. It also worked wonders on my cold sore. I truly love this product.


Canna-Oils has helped me so much, with anxiety and helping me get to sleep. I take it everyday and I can’t live without it now!

Mel White

so glad I got this oil ,it has improved my metabolism , I’m also sleeping better , I had a friend with severe nerve pain , I gave her some of the drops now she’s loving them to , what an awesome product , I can totally recommend this awesome oil , it’s the best

Kerry Mcpherson

I have long suffered with anxiety but this product has been fantastic in lowering my stress and anxiety levels. Definitely recommend.

Daniel Sirotich

This has very quickly become my favourite go-to health product for multiple reasons. I’ve found it to be extremely effective for my ability to focus, general sense of calm and stillness, recovery after sports and exercise, sleep as well as my overall gut health. The people behind the product seem very sincere and genuine I’ve found their customer service to be absolutely exceptional and I would happily recommended this to anyone I know.


Tom Lecky

I have been using Canna-oils for about a month. After about 4 days I noticed my sleep and anxiety levels improve dramatically, along with that my energy levels and brain function increased. Highly recommended!

Aaron Krautz

Hi there, just wanted to send you a message. My mum bought me some of your oils to help me. I have suffered an injury post vax and I’ve been sleeping poorly for 6 weeks and my heart rate has been high. I’ve been taking the oils for 5 days now, I’ve noticed a difference in my body, I have slept so well, I’m not as anxious, my resting heart rate is so much lower than it was and I overall I feel better. I’ve recommended your page to a few people I know who have also suffered similar to me.
Im glad I’ve found something that’s able to help me. I will definitely be getting more.
So thank you


I have had terrible sleep for years and wanted a natural non-pharma product. I am usually cynical of oils, however, since taking the Canna Oil I have had increased sleep, more consistent, and better quality. I am really impressed and will be an advocate as well as a customer

Jon Griffiths

Canna Oils “Ultra” is a great stuff. I had suffered knee pain for months and it was quite an effort walking from the car park to the shopping mall. Saw a lady standing at a market stall at the Entrance NSW doing a promotion. Bought a 15ml bottle. Rubbed a small drop on the back of my knee before going to bed that night. Woke up next morning after a long sleep with my knee feeling so much easier. Will order another bottle. Thanks heaps!

Ina Kite

Canna-oil ultra…OMG what an amazing product wish I’d found it yrs ago…. l have suffered chronic back pain (4 spinal fractures) after a car accident 40 odd yrs ago… also diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. my body was a mass of inflamation =pain…
After years of heavy prescription medications and trying alternative therapies to no avail l stumbled upon this product through a random google search…
I am over the moon with the results… After only one month taking Canna-oil ultra my inflamation is markedly reduced thus so is my pain….l have finally ditched all the crap I’ve been taking for so long and am only using Canna -oil ultra…l tell everyone about this marvellous product… even got my GP and Osteopath interested…
I love this and highly recommend… l hope you get the same results ….give it a go…hopefully the only thing you have to lose is the pain!!!
Cheers Rhonda

Rhonda Fewkes

Simon NSW

Great product!! Has made a huge difference to knee and back pain as well as sleep quality. Have been using for around 10 months now and wouldn’t be without it!

Deb Cutler

I have been taking Canna Oil for about a year and my sleep has improved out of sight and my anxiety levels have dipped way down to zero. I really believe in this product.

Alice Parsons

Great for osteoarthritis and general well-being. My bones tell me when I’ve forgotten to take it!

Maureen Hyde

I can’t recommend this oil highly enough. I have been using the ultra blend for almost a year now.
I initially purchased a bottle at the markets for my back pain. Not only does it help with the pain I sleep better than ever.
It also helps immensely with anxiety. I’ve tried a LOT of different things and am super sensitive to prescription meds so this is great for me.
I highly recommend you give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Leslee Phelps

I first became aware of this magic potion when I was enjoying a break in Nelson Bay, we went to the markets and I was offered to try it on my permanently inflamed knees. After 10 minutes I had a new pair, pain had disappeared. It was lovely meeting the couple I have been promoting this product as it ha became my bedside companion.

Kiran Dave

Ive been using Canna-Oils for two months now and the result has been more than my expectexpectations
Having arthritis in feet hip lowerback and fingers i was restrestricted with walking and exercise which was very frustrating to me. Now I am back on track with walking and doing my yoga every other day. So happy with this product

Michelle Earl

After my first 2 doses of Canna-oil I woke the next day after a peaceful night, with hardly any pain. I have tried virtually everything in the last few weeks and nothing has even touched the sides! I’m so thrilled to have been recommended this product by a friend and would also recommend to anyone. Thank you!

Rochelle H

“My first purchase was made while on holiday in Nelson Bay at the markets and i have been getting the Ultra 30ml bottles delivered ever since. Great product that helps immensely with sleep and also helps manage pain from osteoarthritis in both hips. Highly recommend.”

Cody Herdman

I accidentally spilt a drop of my Canna Oil – Ultra while I was taking my nightly drops, on a little sore on my hand, I rubbed it in, and am amazed at how quickly and well it is healing now. Love my Canna Oil – Ultra.

Sue A

Found these guys while holidaying in Port Stephans last October and it couldn’t be any more serendipity if I tried. For someone who suffers PTSD and anxiety this was truly the greatest find, I can’t praise this product enough it has been so helpful to my mental health, great sleep and great for the joints.
Awesome service, awesome delivery time.
Thank you Canna-oils

Kylie J

Amazing, natural medicine! Works wonderful for pain relief, great natural alternative to paracetomal! Also helps with stress, anxiety and sleep! Always fall asleep super fast and have a wonderful deep sleep when using the oil.
Also, used it once topically on my dry hands, and found out it worked for relaxation/sleep faster and better when applied topically, than orally! Wow!

Mel Mel

great for over health and well being…. easy to order …. fast delivery….. good sales…

Tracey Huntley

Great product, after two shoulder reconstructions I suffered from a bit pain from time to time. I tried other products but Canna-oils offers the best relief without the side effects of other medication, highly recommended.

Elliott Gullotta

I take the canna oil ultra. this had been helping me with my pain levels and also giving me a peaceful sleep

Carol Stevens

It was a good first Experience sleep well pain was better n all over so much more Relax

Adam Bower

It has helped my Depression and Anxiety. Also my sleeping has improved.

Hanne Joanne Laoulach

I brought a bottle of canna-oil today from you guys at the markets.
I never normally write reviews on anything, but I feel so strongly about the positive effects just a few drops done for me and I couldn’t not let you know how amazing this product is!
I struggle from anxiety and a bunch of other things that make my thoughts over active and I have struggled to find relaxation in a very long time; 10 minutes after dropping under my tongue and I could notice drastic changes to my thought process and even felt the change occurring in my system and was over all able to become effortlessly present in the moment. Moments before I meet you guys this morning I was nearly in tears and felt physically ill due to overwhelming pains and tension in my body and again 10 minutes after the drops I felt my body relax and was able to stretch and move freely!


In a nutshell, this has been an absolute game changer for myself, and my young son with ASD! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis/PTSD/Insomnia/Anxiety and was taking pain killers and valium daily. Five weeks ago I started the Blend and now take the Ultra, I haven’t touch nor needed valium, and I think I have had Panadol three times. I have spent years a shell of myself and my Husband says it is so noticeable from his point of view just how much more relaxed and myself I am again. I have been giving my son a drop morning and night and he too is so calm, he is no longer having outbursts and is so much more happier, and he says it helps him “think” better. My brain fog is gone, my sleep is amazing, my anxiety is gone and I just feel ‘normal’. The customer service was amazing and I can’t thank Julie and Chris enough for taking the time to speak to me on the phone and answer my many questions. I am highly recommending this to everyone I know with painful Autoimmune Disease or PTSD ❤️

Jeannie A.

I felt calmer, and believe it helped me get back to sleep.

TC Wall

Fast working and works better than some other pain relief products.

Nifty Nev

They were very helpful and really listened to you and very willing to help.

Karin Anita Rodway

I have been using canna-oil for about 4 weeks, since I started using it, morning and night my sleep has improved by 80%, I also had chronic pain to both my shoulders restricting my exercise and have now been pain free for the last few weeks, feeling great 😊

Rose Galvez

Have suffered insomnia/sleep anxiety (fear of not falling asleep) for over ten years !
Tried to change sleeping routine and frequently used prescribed and over-the-counter drugs.
I was constantly getting only 2-4 hours sleep and even at times staying awake until sunrise.

Been using Canna-Oil since this January and I have not missed a proper night’s sleep.
It allows me to lay in bed and simply doze off just as I should.
What’s more, my sleep is unbroken and I awake with no nasty after-effects.

Extremely grateful for this product and highly recommend those with any sort of sleeping problem to give it a try

Pete Repeat

The customer service and openness of the business is extremely attractive! I met them at a market in the midst of transitioning from strong medications onto CBD oil, I was drawn to a cheaper option, although it was difficult for me to stick with the oil as I simply couldn’t stomach the taste (personal preference). I began to put a drop in my working dog’s supplements to assist with his restlessness and anxiety, and I noticed a difference instantly. And it’s cheaper than CBD 😄 thank you Canna-Oils 🙂

Gemma O’Brien

Great product and very prompt delivery. Everything I could have asked for and more !

Joshua Telford

Can’t believe how this has reduced my anxiety levels and my ASD son’s anxiety and aggression have also diminished

Tania Sacco

Thanks for the great service

Monica Sullivan

I sleep better, feeling more energetic and happy. I don’t have as much pain in my body from arthritis.

Angela L

Pain free!
Excellent product!!
No side effects.
Great stuff !!

Robyn W

This product is the best I have a spinal injury and it has help with sleep pain the best

Garry B

Since taking 4 drops of canna oil a night I’m finding that I’m very calm. I was taking prescription medication for anxiety for years. I have now halved it and intend to cut it out completely under dr supervision.

Carol O

I’m a chronic pain sufferer in the oil seems to help me sleep better and I do get some pain relief

Kim N

It helps immensely with my sleep & inflammation to my joints. Highly recommend it.

patricia f

I had been using the ultra for just over 2 months and found it great for pain, sleeping and all round balanced my anxiety.
I decided to try the Blend and seem to be having even better results and I can run it straight on those aches. Remember though a little does go a long way. Love it ❤️❤️

Coryne N

Well I purchased the qromg canna-oils this time. I got the one with hemp seed oil. Don’t know how it going at present. Will keep you posted

Christine W

The Canna oil is certainly my life a lot more comfortable. Very grateful

Arthur F

Been using this product for more than a year now and still surprising me with its wonders!

Abraham A

My wife broke her leg very severely a few years ago and was suffering with a lot of pain and arthritis she has only been on the oil for a week but can feel an improvement in herself very happy with purchase

Steven H

Me & my 4 friends bought the Canna Oil Ultra for the first time & we all absolutely love it & are now purchasing more. For me personally it has helped me sleep better as prior I always took hours to sleep & I also feel so relaxed & calm during the day. Love this product!

Carmel Voulgaris

I used this product when I was in a particularly bad depressed state of
mind and was surprised to find the Canna Oil boosted my mood faster and
better than the medication I am prescribed. I would highly recommend
this product to anyone and everyone how is suffering from a low mood,
lack of energy and focus or even just feel drained

Clint D

I have been continuously purchasing this wonderful product without any hesitation due to its efficacy! Please keep up the excellent quality of your products!

Abraham A

I find it keeps me mentally focused and a much deeper sleep.

Symon H

I’d like to just say this oil is AMAZING however I’d like to tell you ‘why!’I am 45, a mother of 4 with a hectic lifestyle and a 2 year old on board lol! I have suffered back pain since I was 14 due to scoliosis and other spinal/pelvis conditions and after a serious car accident when I was 18 the pain became almost unbearable each and every day of my life since. Now at 45, I have fibromyalgia, sacrolitis/ inflammation and extensive spinal/disc problems, pelvis issues, reactive arthritis and every day is a struggle. I do not sleep well due to these conditions and I also have restless legs, I wake almost every hour. Sometimes, my energy levels are next to none and I have stresses beyond imaginable most days due to my family demands.I met Julie and Chris at the markets and bought their oil in 2020. At first I was quite inconsistent in taking it until I realised the difference it was making. I was having good days, something I’d never felt before then suddenly I realised it was because I was taking the oil. I felt the difference on these days id forget to take my drops!!I have unfortunately been taking opioid medication for many years which sometimes does not even do the job it should. I have noticed so many positives since taking canna oil. My energy increases, sleep is better, stress seems to elevate. My pain is much better. I also have a condition called vestibular migraine and benign proximal vertigo which causes balance issues, dizzies and a general feeling of brain fog. The oil works amazing for this. I feel more alert and energetic. I also have a son, 17, who has severe PTSD and trauma issues from a work accident, he also has ASD and he is taking the oil aswell. Then there is my Dad, well he too had a horrific work accident and has lived with pain for 9 years now after severing his arm and has back problems as bad as myself! He also has diabetes and high blood pressure. I gave him some oil and after 3 days he was like a new man. He had no energy and spent most days on the lounge, now my dad is a real aussie blokey bloke and quite the sceptic. On the 3rd day he was walking up a hill, something he has tried to do before but couldnt for many reasons. He has noticed a difference in his overall health and wellbeing since taking the oil and also his pain score has decreased when in the past nothing made a difference to him.I strongly recommend this product and honestly you would never find more beautiful people than Julie and Chris. They won’t just sell you the oil, they want to be a part of your journey too and offer their support so willingly if you need it.Sometimes when the stresses of life are too much to bear, I’ll take an extra 2 drops and I feel almost instantly calmer. I have tested this theory by taking the oil and then stopping and all I can say is I will NOT be stopping it anymore as the results are evident to me that this is liquid gold and it works in so many different areas. I am a classic case of the ‘too hard basket’ for medical doctors to treat without offering opioid medications as a bandaid fix so I now look forward to eliminating these horrible drugs from my life and replacing it with canna oil. Just try it, I say! What do you have to loose?


I have had 4 different cancers in the last 3 years all treated with surgery and radiation. I also have a chronic issue with my ankle where i have cortisone every 4 months just to walk, and permanently am in a brace, I have copious amounts of opioids daily, waiting for my ankle to be permanently frozen. I recently had another diagnosis and looks like my nose may be removed for a second time and more radiation. so anxiety right now is a bit over the edge. I have tried just about everything. My husband was chatting to these guys about fishing while I was scouting some seriously good olives when I can back and started talking to Julie. I thought why not I have nothing to loose. I take 4 drops in the morning and 6 at night. I am surprised how different I feel I was very skeptical. I sleep so much better and dont move around as much, my nausea is not as bad and it helps when I am anxious, which at the moment is my life, I have also been able to lower my OxyContin tablets to just about zero. I feel more energetic and more lively. Hubby’s response was when I use it I am more Chirpy, up beat not as stressed. I highly recommend anyone giving it a try, it worked for me in ways I never ever expected. So thank you to you and your hubby for striking up a conversation with mine about fishing that one moment in time has been a game changer, better than catching a big dewy. We have finally found something that works xx

Coryne N

Amazing !! Amazing highly recommend and great people selling it aswell good work guys


this product first came into my life a few months ago, and it has been nothing short of amazing! the inflammation in which I used to suffer has subsided and with it a lot of the anxiety it caused! It’s been a huge part of my health journey and I encourage anyone who’s curious to give it a try!

Will O

I have been suffering with Bursitis in my hip and leg for many years and had many cortisone injections.I started taking Canna oil 3 weeks ago and it has really helped, I haven’t taken any strong medication since I started it. Now I don’t take any medication at all and I can lie on my side which I haven’t been able to do I would recommend you give it a try.

Margaret Scott

I find it is working great with my back and nerve pain .. in 3 three weeks I am feeling great .. Carol

Carol W

My brother has cancer and finds the oil helps with pain relief.

Patricia B

Canna-oils works well for me replacing my need for regular painkillers. It brings my anxiety level down naturally.

Lesley Dacey

Canna oil has helped my aches and pains, but it hasn’t helped with my sleep as yet, definitely will keep it up though

Robyn C

HI we have been using BCP oil it’s very good and effective. Varied a bit between Nev & I, Nev used it on his shoulder & his hip. He took 4 to 6 drops of a night and it helped me sleep through the night on most nights. Bev had an injured finger which after three weeks she could not touch. She applied the Canna oil and Avo oil mix overnight and the next day she could touch it. We have found that on new injuries you have to use it often but on old injuries it lasts much longer. The thing which surprised us was how fast it works.

Nev & Bev

Been using Canna for 1 month, prior to use, i have regular headaches twice per week. Since used, never had a moment, really amazing! Thank you! Looking forward to experience more of these wonders!


I brought this for my fad as he was having anxiety attacks every second day he has been using this for two weeks now and hasn’t had an attack at all sounds better when talking to and a lot less worried

Nicole C

We have been using Canna-Oil for about 6 weeks now & the pain from
arthritis has greatly reduced & I am sleeping much better.

John W

I have had shocking knee pain for ages and was told by doctor that I need a knee replacement, I bought a bottle of canna oil and now I barley get any pain at all!
It is amazing!!

Robyn W

Purchased the “Ultra” to see if it would help with my arthritis. Not much changed with my arthritis, however my mind seems so much clearer and i am no longer in a “fog” like i once was. Will keep taking just for that change alone.

Kylie M

Unfortunately I can’t remember the couples name who sold this amazing product at the Entrance market but they were so knowledgeable, honest, humble and genuine! In no way were they pushy about selling their product and that’s what made the whole experience extra great. My boyfriend and I bought a few bottles and we can honestly say that we felt calming affects almost instantly. My boyfriend suffers with anxiety and it seemed to work perfectly to keep us both at a consistent calm mellow level. It has also been helping me sleep! Usually I toss and turn for about 40 minutes before I can fall asleep but since having the oil I fall into a deep sleep almost instantly. My boyfriend and I are so grateful and thankful!

Emily P

This oil helps my dog tremendously with his general anxiety and social anxiety.
He is a calmer and happier dog when having a few drops of oil with food each day.

Nikki D

what can I say? It helps with a lot of different things.. right down to
anxiety, helping to feel calm in a stressful situation, being able to
fall in a deep sleep and wake up refreshed!!! What a God-send! This
product is Amazing!! I definitely recommend you try it for yourself!! I
dare you

Kristy S

amazing my 9 year old has been on this for 1 week for ADHD and anxiety and what an amazing change in just 1 week.

Nikki Mandy Leigh Bartlett

My husband sleeps better more rhythmic and not snoring. For me I am not sure the first time I felt more relaxed second awake all night. Going to give it a better try again.

Tracy T

I bought this product for my 84 year old mother and it has helped ease her back pain and is helping her to sleep better.

Julie S

It’s early days in terms of use but at this stage I have found it to be great . I have a problem of staying asleep, often waking in the very early hours of the morning ie 2-3am . Whilst I still wake up at this time I find falling back to sleep easy and I’m not laying there wide eyed and tossing/turning . I also have 2 bulging discs and feel it is good in managing the associated pain . I bought more oil on the weekend from our local markets and the couple were just so lovely , friendly and knowledgeable and gave an extra 5ml bottle free on top of what I had already purchased . Thank you again

Carol C

I use 6 drops at night & since using this amount, I have been sleeping better.

Trish T

Does the trick. Helps with sleep and osteoarthritis hip pain

Cody H

Seems a promising product , We managed to sale few in just first week of Demonstration organized by the supplier for our Health food outlet. Thanks

Healthy Bee

Theegan Moodley

I’ve been taking Canna oils for over three months now, I don’t have any pain in my lower back, not that it was bad, but it was a niggling pain which was always there when working around the house, now it has gone completely and the sore knees. Lately I’ve been getting out of bed at daylight and with a lot more energy looking forward to the day ahead. I feel a lot more positive about the day ahead and don’t even feel tired, what a life.

Shane T

I have been suffering with Insomnia for the past 3 years and have tried all types of treatments and medications. I was sceptical about trying Canna-oils but have been happily surprised, from the first night I have found I fall asleep quickly and get a deeper sleep, waking up feeling brighter than I have in a long time.

Janelle Wilkinson

My bulging disc 24/7 pain has subsided by about 30%. I have had 5 people wanting to know about the oil & all have now purchased. I know it does not work for everyone but it has for me.

Christine W.

before I got the oil I felt sluggish as I have stage 4 lung cancer, now I have 4 drops of a morning and 6 at night I have more energy to early to tell yet if it has done anything to the cancer as I am on my 3rd treatment due to have test soon will update you

Eleonora Jones Babic

My husband and mum have been taking canna oil for about one month now, firstly my husband and mum before taking it found it very hard to sleep since taking it they now sleep through the night it’s been a life saver for both of them highly recommend canna oil to anyone.

Roisin Manni

I should have started this sooner .I wasted a week by being sceptical My well being has changed for the better in just a few weeks I have less pain sleep better less anxious.My husband says he has definitely seen more changes in me.I will review again in a couple of months to give a progress update.

Jeanette Reid

Canna-Oils ultra is amazing. I have been a long time sufferer of Sacroiliitis (inflammation pain of the Sacroiliac joints between my pelvis and spine) and nagging neck pain that results in tension headaches. A couple of drops of ultra under my tongue provides me with around 80% pain relief for quite few hours. My only very minor issue is the oil has a strong clove like flavour and leaves an aftertaste, but considering the pain relief benefit it provides it is well worth it. Tip for anyone who doesn’t like the aftertaste, have a tictac or breath mint after using the oil.

Dave Holloway

Amazing no words just try it. Under the tongue or on a sore arthritic joint it works a treat. Stop procrastinating grab some and give it a go, you won’t regret it

Coryne N.

I started taking canna-oils during a severe crohns flare up last October. I was drinking celery juice and doing a mono cleanse as advised by medical medium. I was slowly getting better but having good and not so good days. I tried canna-oils and that same day started feeling much better and have felt great ever since! I am sleeping better, less anxious and really notice the difference when I dont have it. definitely recommend it

Laurinda Bartley

I used to have extreme pain in my left hip due to bursitis. I saw Canna-oil at a stall and thought what the heck, I was willing to give anything a go. (I cant keep taking strong painkillers). I tried it for about a month with 5 drops morning and night but didn’t feel any real difference so I upped it to 6 drops morning and night and within a week I noticed that the pain was completely gone. My hip still feels a bit tender every now and then but not so often. Thank goodness for this stuff because I was starting to get really desperate! If you have chronic pain give this a go and persevere with it.

Robbi A.

I originally bough the oil to try on my daughter but decided to try it first myself. Having 2 ASD children is quite stressful and I have a stressful job. My anxiety is always at about an 8/10 due to this and PTSD. After only using the oil a few days I noticed a dramatic reduction in my stress levels. The stress in my life is all still there but instead of it feeling like a 8-9/10 all the time it now feels like a 4-5. This is so much more manageable and such a relief. I feel like I can now cope better and recuperate a bit.

Tania S.

I had been researching CBD oil few months ago and was recently up in Port Stephens and stumbled across Canna-Oil. I started using it immediately. It helps with my sleep tremendously well. I was using pharmaceuticals (melatonin by prescription) previously to help with sleep. Well, that is no longer required. I would like to see a larger size of the Ultra (if possible) or maybe an auto shipment arrangement. I live in Melbourne and there are no stockists here or markets nearby. Thank you guys, great product.

Amanda-lea C.

I have a hard time sometimes winding down and going to sleep, but this oil has helped me wind down, relax and have a good night sleep! Very thankful and will continue purchasing! 🙂

Natalia Z.
Natalia Z. »

For me it’s wonderful I put 3 drops on before I get into bed and I sleep all night . Love it

Kathleen L.
Kathleen L. »

I’ve seen it relax a woman with MS muscles so she can move freely I have seen my mum now walk without aids with her back problems I’ve seen it calm the anxious. Truly amazing.

Tina S.
Tina S. »

I feel so much calmer and better within myself. Only 3 months and I wouldn’t miss a drop, ever.

Jason G.
Jason G. »

Helped so incredibly much with my chronic pain! Instant relief! Can’t recommend enough!! Have also bought some for a friend with tics and they have also been loving it. Ordering again tonight! Super fast shipping too! Thankyou so so much! I’m truly a lifetime customer, just got to try the other blend now

Olivia Z.
Olivia Z. »

I have had knee pain in both knees for over ten years being active in several sports and having the cartilage removed in my left knee, but after half an hour of taking my first dose of canna oil ultra I have been pain free and also sleeping longer and calmer, I would recommend it to anyone

James T.
James T. »

Since taking Canna-Oil Ultra about 4-5 months ago I have gone from taking Panadol Osteo from 3 times a day to once a day. plus I have cut down on Targin (slow release morphine) to only when I have done work in the garden etc. So about once a week. My doctor is pleased too. I am so blessed that my daughter told me about it. Only thing it does not help me with is sleep. Some other people I have recommended it to have had good nights sleep. I will not be stopping.

Christine W.
Christine W. »

Lyndell Roks