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At Canna-Oils, we believe that Your Health Matters. It is our promise to you. Our undiluted Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) is triple-distilled making them the cleanest terpenes in the world. In a similar way to CBD oil, our oils promote life and vitality, bringing energy and balance. Whether its chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress or insomnia, these products are for you.

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Safe - Natural - Clean

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Canna Oils Ultra is a powerful plant isolate that supports the body’s natural endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps modulate sleep, stress response and relief from pain and inflammation.

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What are Terpenes?

A terpene is an organic scent molecule, which can be found all through nature. In essence, terpenes are what cause things to give off a certain scent. This can be seen in all things from flowers, spices, fruit and trees.

Terpenes can have many therapeutic properties and are the foundation of all aromatherapy. When ingested, applied to the skin or inhaled, these fragrant oils not only smell nice, but can also affect the way we feel.

While it can be easy to compare terpenes and essential oils, they are not the same. Essential oils are known to provide a wide range of benefits, and they smell nice because they consist of natural, fragrant terpenes, whereas pure terpenes are the isolated scent molecules derived from the essential oil of the plant.

The primary active ingredient are terpenes within the essential oil. These are the same exact terpenes that are found not only in the cannabis plant but also in other medicinal plants. Canna Oils Ultra is extracted from either the clove or black pepper plants.

Terpenes are a purified essential oil, containing only the most active components.

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Safe - Natural - Clean

Our Products are derived from natural, non-GMO organic plants.

They are ultra-distilled making them the purest terpenes in the world.

Our Canna Oils are safe for all kinds of pain relief, inflammation, anxiety, stress and insomnia & 100% safe for internal and topical use.

Customer Reviews

  • Before taking this twice daily, I was stressed out and not sleeping well. Cranky and easily irritable. Having taken this now for a few weeks, I definitely feel I’m coping better. Great to be able to take a natural product to help increase my mood, make me feel generally happier and sleep better.

    Jessica Beattie
  • My wife had tried this oil to help with her Burning Mouth Syndrome. It has helped the burning at night and had improved her pain through the day. It is her first bottle and she is about to start on her second hopefully even better results!!

    William Walsh
  • Absolutely Amazing! My parents initially bought a small bottle of the Canna-Oil for several reasons – anxiety, stress, skin issues, period pain, and formerly, insomnia and gut issues. I’ve only been on it for around 2 or 3 weeks now and I can already see some differences! I am someone who needs A LOT of sleep – usually 9 to 10 hours is normal for me, and makes me feel energized and concentrated throughout the whole day. A couple days ago, I got 7 hours of sleep. Usually when I get that quantity of sleep, I feel groggy and tired throughout the whole day, but a couple days ago, I felt great! I felt as if I got my usual 9 hours of rest, thanks to the oil! I’ll probably update this review over the next few weeks or months, just to see the other fantastic differences it makes for me! Highly recommended, I’ll be needing to purchase a new one soon! 🙂

    Harper Selmes
  • Ordered the Canna-Oils Ultra (non-blend). Helps immensely with restful sleep as well as mild pain relief from previous knee and pelvic injuries. Made from either pepper or clove extract, this won’t trigger any drug screening tests that I’m required for my employment.

    Kent Marama
  • I found BCP oil at my local market and decided to give it a try after hearing rave reviews by friends of similar CBD oils. I’ve been taking anti-depressants for over 10 years, suffer from aches and pains related to exercise and when I get stressed I can get severe depression. Weeks after taking BCP oil, I started reducing my medication (on GP advice) and found that, with the BCP oil, I’ve now halved my anti-depressant dose with zero side effects. I had tried this a year ago and had bad side effects so raised my dose again. My general well-being has improved, I feel calm, can manage everything with ease, have no aches and pains and just feel, I guess you’d call it ‘happy’ and at peace. Highly recommended.

    Anna Nolan
  • This product has been amazingly helpful for my lower back pain. So much so that I’ve been able to get a good nights sleep finally

    Penny Cripps
  • I’ve been taking the oil for a couple of months now after AML and a bone marrow transplant i have lived with pain , my pain has improved and my well -being has improved greatly, thank you Canna-Oil

    Steve Linsdell
  • I am 52 yr old female, I started using Canna-oil Ultra after I got Covid in late March. Weeks later, I still had brain fog, lethargy, shortness of breathe and a cough. Realised that as Covid symptoms inflammation based that Canna-oil’s terpenes may help alleviate some of was worth a try as I was told by Drs that I had to ‘ride out’ the covid symptoms and give it time! 4 days are commencing Canna-oil most of the symptoms were gone. Cough disappeared after 5-6days. I continued the canna-oil taking 4 drops twice a day and month later realised the back pain that I had from a car accident had also eased and I had alot more energy to do things. On a recent overseas trip, I did a 25km bike ride and hikes, drive long trips and had way more energy then I’ve had in several years. Also now if I get sore muscles from working out or long work days at computer, I take a dose and also rub small amount on the muscle and by next day it has eased. Wanted to write this review as I now recommend Canna-oil to anyone I speak to that…

    Vikki Linn
  • Sleeping much better 😊

    A A
  • My sleep has been transformed with Canna Oil. I have had insomnia on and off for a long time and it is almost completely gone. I don’t even need to top up the oil during the night. If I wake, I just resettle – so amazing. Thanks 😊

    Nicole Biggins
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