Canna Oils BCP helping your Libido


Let’s have a bit of fun and discuss (what may be to some) the forbidden topic of libido!! As I was researching this week I came across this great Japanese study, that made me smirk, and I just had to share it with you.Basically, the researchers wanted to know if smelling, yes, smelling Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) stimulated women’s libido. They wanted to see whether BCP increased salivary testosterone concentrations associated with libido and vaginal sensation during intercourse in women.

So they found 19 women in the first half of their menstrual cycle. And here’s what they did:- 
The subjects then sat in front of the odor exposure device we had created. Each subject was exposed to dipropylene glycol for 20 minutes, followed by 3% βeta-caryophyllene for 20 minutes. Saliva was collected 4 times: before and after control exposure, and before and after βeta-caryophyllene exposure.

Salivary testosterone and estrogen concentrations were measured…

Results: βeta-caryophyllene significantly increased the salivary concentration of testosterone …  but not estrogen.

Strengths & limitations: The personal preferences of the subjects and the order of exposure may have affected the results.

Conclusion:Beta-caryophyllene may be a remedy with fewer side effects for women with decreased libido. We believe that βeta-caryophyllene may be a remedy for women with decreased libido. However, this hypothesis must be tested by further clinical studies.
Wataru Tarumi, Kazuyuki Shinohara. Olfactory Exposure to β-Caryophyllene Increases Testosterone Levels in Women’s Saliva. J Sex Med 2020;8:525-531.

So there you have it!  I’m not sure if you want to sit sniffing your opened bottle of  Canna Oils BCP for 20 minutes a day to find out if it works – but hey, if you do, please let us know if you think it helped!!

Canna Oils BCP helping your Libido »

Have a great weekend everyone, stay safe and enjoy the cooling temperature (a good reason to snuggle up with someone you love – haha)!!

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