Last week, we talked about workout recovery.  We looked at the effect of sleep and stress on our recovery and how Canna Oils BCP could potentially help.

Today is kind of a Part 2 to last week’s Blog.  Today, we will look at how Canna Oils BCP could help you with muscle inflammation after working out!!

muscle inflammation


Post workout muscle inflammation is the body’s normal immunological response to recover itself after hard physical exertion. Its goal is to start the healing process and restore damaged tissue cells as a result of physical stress that has been caused or added. When your body recognises an abnormality or detects something alien, such as a microbe or chemical, it responds by enlarging surrounding blood vessels leading to the injured or infected location. As a first responder, your body releases cytokines and white blood cells to start the healing process.

As a result, inflammation can be really beneficial. Your body wouldn’t be able to mend itself without it.

However, if the muscle inflammation lasts for a long time, your body is at risk of overuse, overtraining, and injury.

This is something you certainly want to avoid at all costs!

Resistance and endurance training generates small breaks in muscle fibres, which triggers muscle inflammation or the repair process, which begins to heal the damage to the muscle tissue.

As a protective mechanism, post-workout inflammation causes discomfort, stiffness, and soreness to limit physical activity so that you can heal and recover correctly.

If you don’t allow your muscles to rest / heal properly during this recuperation period, your body will be susceptible to overuse, which can lead to major injury. This can result in more muscle breakdown and secondary muscle damage known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).  So it is really important to listen to your body.

Inflammation after exercise is never enjoyable – I think we’ve all had days when you can’t sit down or lift your arms up (haha).

It might be irritating to be sore to the point where you can scarcely move, or when it causes so much pain and discomfort that it interferes with your training and daily life, but there are ways to get you back to your training / workout faster by incorporating some strategies to naturally reduce your post-workout inflammation.  Such as stretching, adding foods high in omega 3 fatty acids and great anti-inflammatories such as ginger and turmeric, as well as reducing your sugar intake.  Then of course there’s making Canna Oils BCP a daily part of your fitness routine – it as a great anti-inflammatory supplement. 

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Don’t forget that in addition to taking orally each morning and night, you can apply a few drops topically to specific areas of pain and inflammation.  The Canna Oils BCP  will interact with the receptors directly under the skin, giving you an added layer of stimulation against inflammation and pain – now that’s gotta be good!

So if you are wanting to get fit and strong with less pain and inflammation, Canna Oils BCP should absolutely be a daily part of your fitness routine!!

Keep up the good work – no excuses!!


The above information is for educational purposes only – not intended as medical advice.


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