BCP, the brain, strokes & Alzheimer’s

BCP, the brain, strokes and Alzheimer’s

I never cease to be amazed at the potential of the terpene Beta Caryophyllene (BCP).  This week I read a few articles that talked about how BCP, due to it’s ability to reduce inflammation could not only protect our brains again potential diseases, but also could help those who have already suffered a stroke or have Alzheimer’s. 


One article said – At the core of every disease lies some kind of inflammation.

Another said – Research shows it [BCP] reduces inflammation in the brain, reducing chemicals that cause oxidative stress inside the skull. This kind of thing can help protect the brain in an extreme scenario like during a stroke – and improve the outcome of the stoke…… Thought it was over? The health benefits found through research seemingly don’t end. Beta-caryophyllene may protect against diseases like Cancer, Alzheimers, Multiple Sclerosis, pain relief, and was even found to extend the lifespan of worms by 22%. Cool. (see blog link below).  But the most powerful takeaway from research is the effect is takes on general inflammation throughout the whole body, acting through your CB2 receptors.

And from another article:

While beta-caryophyllene can help alleviate pain through its anti-inflammatory properties, it also contributes to protecting the body and brain from disease. For example, take (this) mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. It demonstrates that beta-caryophyllene activates CB2 and PPAR-y receptors, reducing significant characteristics of the disease including the build-up of brain plaques.

Because brain inflammation plays a substantial role in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s, beta-caryophyllene shows that it can protect against the cognitive decline that comes with the disease.

Wow, I’m sure glad I take BCP daily, even if only for the potential it has to keep inflammation away from my brain!  Believe me, my brain needs all the help it can get – haha.


The above information is for educational purposes only – not intended as medical advice.

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