Different people – different results

Why do some people get great benefits from BCP Oil and others, well…. not so great??

Hi again from the Canna Oils team. 

This week I’d like to discuss why most people get amazing results from using Canna Oils Beta Caryophyllene (BCP), i.e. : fast results, complete or close to no pain at all, sleep like a baby etc and then there are those few that only see some level of pain relief, no change to sleep patterns, or just simply no noticeable benefit at all.

Below are some factors that may give us some clarity:

1. BCP is not a miracle product, it just simply won’t work for everyone.  Every person is uniquely different – different lifestyle, different genetic makeup etc.

Similar to a fingerprint, each person has a uniquely configured endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is one of the largest molecular systems in the human body and is made up of millions of cannabinoid receptors scattered throughout the central and peripheral nervous systems. It supports your body in maintaining a stable equilibrium in response to environmental changes. 

Everyone’s endocannabinoid system is unique in its makeup and level of functionality. Just like any other system in the body, people can naturally have more or fewer receptors—or those receptors function in different ways. There can also be differences in the number of endocannabinoids that are produced or in how quickly they’re metabolized. Some people’s endocannabinoid systems are well-nourished and supported and … may produce barely-noticeable effects.

……..a professor of clinical psychiatry noted 20 percent of Americans may have a genetic mutation Trusted Source that makes them naturally produce more endocannabinoids — similar to cannabinoids but produced by your body.

If you have that mutation, you might be prone to lower levels of anxiety, but because you already have extra endocannabinoids you might not see much of a difference when you take….BCP.

In short BCP oil is simply a signaling system that helps our bodies to regulate and hence bring our bodies into balance – basically once the signals occur, it’s YOUR body that does all the work!2.  It can take TIME to work.  It is possible to experience noticeable benefit from the first dose, however, BCP, just like other nutritional supplements, it can take several weeks or longer (a month or two) of CONSISTENT use to see the full impact.  So if you don’t experience any noticeable changes in the first week, keep going, those receptors just need a bit more loving attention! 

It’s important to set realistic expectations and recognize that it takes time, patience, and awareness.

great benefits from BCP Oil

Your dosage might not be right.  The recommended dosage of our BCP Ultra is between 2 – 8 drops morning and night, and Ultra Blend between 5 – 10 drops morning and night (as the Blend only has 50% BCP).  We always say start off around the middle range and build up if you need to, to the full dosage.  Also, don’t forget that you can apply your BCP topically for pain relief WHILE you are waiting for the build up in your system.  The BCP can work as a local anesthetic and give a few hours relief.  

4. Other factors can be involved. BPC…. is a supplement, meaning it is intended to do what its name implies: supplement, or build on top of, an already healthy diet and lifestyle. Maybe, if you aren’t seeing the benefits you expected, then maybe taking a look at the other factors in your life that are affecting your health and add BCP to those as a supplement. It is always better to take a holistic approach to our health.

5. Your product is not reputable or of a high quality. Another reason, some BCP or for that matter CBD products don’t work for everyone is because the product they have purchased is not from a reputable source and not of a high quality. So I just wanted to assure you that Canna Oils has sourced it’s BCP from a very reputable company in the USA, the BCP is tripled distilled using steam, it has been third party tested proving that our product has no heavy metals, solvents or pesticides and is GMO free. Just saying all this, to assure you that you have a very pure, high quality product when you purchase from Canna Oils.

So I hope that this helps in some way if you haven’t seen the results you were expecting.  Before you give up remember to be consistent (morning and night daily), increase dosage if needed, use topically if required and look at your health holistically.

The content of this newsletter is for educational purposes only – not intended for medical advice.

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