Stress Free Zone

Canna-Oils BCP may help you find that Stress Free Zone
you’ve been looking for.

Stress, stress and more stress – this seems to be the story of most people nowadays.  Between our jobs, families and Covid-19 it’s no wonder our minds and bodies are struggling to cope with the day-to-day basics of life.  Not only are we not able to cope, but stress in our lives can result in our health being compromised.

When we’re stressed, our body activates the hormone, cortisol. The more cortisol you have in your body for extended periods, the more severe the damage you’re doing to your organs and body.

BCP may help with the relief of stress and anxiety by actively inhibiting the production of cortisol and activating the production of endorphins (the feel good chemical). This helps improve your mood as well as your overall sense of well-being.

Research has also found that BCP’s impact on the CB2 receptors of our Endocannabinoid System may soothe the body’s responses to stress and anxiety, in part by protecting anandamide – a cannabinoid neurotransmitter known as the “bliss molecule.”

Anandamide is thought to reduce anxiety and depression. A 2014 study found that mice who were deficient in anandamide experienced more anxiety in response to stress, while those who had higher levels showed more resilience.  Some scientists believe an endocannabinoid deficiency may underlie depression and anxiety.

As we’ve learnt, BCP has been recognised for its unique ability to interact with CB2 but not CB1 receptors. Thus, the alleged benefits of CBD or THC (which gives you the high) can be obtained without the psychoactive effects by using such products as Canna-Oils BCP.

Many people have found (including myself) that by using BCP we are able to cope with the daily stresses of life much easier (without having to get high – lol).

How about you???

The content of this newsletter is for educational purposes only – not intended for medical advice.

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