Exercise and ECS

Exercise can help boost the Endocannabinoid System

There are many factors that influence our Endocannabinoid Systems (ECS), from the foods we eat to the activities we do. Stress levels, poor diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, pesticides and other environmental factors all contribute to the ECS not functioning optimally, which can lead to many aliments and diseases.


But there is good news, we can boost or encourage the ECS to maintain better health balance in our bodies.

Exercise is one way to improve your ECS performance.

We’ve all heard of the Runner’s High when endorphins and other powerful feel-good chemicals are released from the brain as we exercise.

As it turns out the ECS is closely linked to the Runner’s High.

We strengthen the ECS when we exercise.

The more we exercise, the more the ECS is activated to pump out the positive hormones that create an extremely powerful health-promoting loop.

Exercise has such a wide range of health benefits that it is no wonder that it also helps to improve ECS.

Any exercise that raises your heart rate is beneficial – try a brisk walk to begin with.

To conclude, combined with Canna-Oils BCP, exercise should be added to your daily wellness routine to boost the effectiveness of the ECS.

 The content of this newsletter is for educational purposes only – not intended for medical advice.

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