Why use BCP topically for pain?

BCP can act as a local Analgesic

If you have spoken to the Canna-Oils team, Chris and Julie would have told you to topically apply your BCP oil directly onto areas of pain in addition to taking orally.

Why?  Well, it so turns out that Beta Caryophyllene can act as a local analgesic.  How cool is that!

Secondly, it can release the same endorphins as morphine without being addictive.

Which is good news, because if your body is not producing enough endorphins you may experience:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • moodiness
  • aches and pains
  • addiction
  • trouble sleeping
  • impulsive behaviour

So let’s get those endorphins happening and locally ease the pain in our bodies and live our lives to the fullest – pain free.

Simply apply a few drops of Canna-Oils BCP to the effected area as needed.  You can mix with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil, avocado oil or even olive oil if you are applying to a large area.

Have you thought to use your Canna-Oils BCP across your forehead when you have a headache? Or across your abdomen for menstrual cramps?  Give it a try.

Don’t forget to leave a review of how Canna-Oils BCP has helped you live pain free on our Website, Facebook Page or simply email us – thanks in advance.

Sources:  https://www.healthline.com/health/happy-hormone#exercise

 The content of this newsletter is for educational purposes only – not intended for medical advice.

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