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There are some conditions that we frequently get asked about, and lately that’s been emphysema.  So as always, off I went on my hunt to find what I could about emphysema and Caryophyllene (BCP)   I discovered a condition known as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  COPD is an illness characterised by increased production of mucus and chronic inflammation of the airways, resulting in reduced respiratory capacity. The two primary forms of COPD are chronic bronchitis, which produces a long-term cough with mucus, and emphysema, which leads to the progressive deterioration of the alveoli, the air sacs that allow for gaseous exchange in the lungs.

An article by SC Labs suggested that studies of terpene compounds show that they have anti-inflammatory benefits (Click here to read previous blogs on inflammation). They stated, “In particular, BCP has been shown to act as a dietary cannabinoid, attenuating inflammatory responses in various tissues in a CB2 receptor-dependent fashion In addition to being found in cannabis this terpene is also found in high concentrations in black pepper and cloves”.  

Firstly, I love how these studies acknowledge that BCP is not exclusively found in cannabis.  As stated, BCP is found in abundance in black pepper and cloves and that is why Canna Oils BCP is extracted from these plants – no THC here!!  Secondly, BCP has been shown to be a great CB2 receptor antagonist, this means that it binds DIRECTLY with the receptor to activate the balancing effect of the Endocannabinoid System.  So, according to SC Labs, BCP due to its anti-inflammatory properties could be worth a try for emphysema sufferers. 

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