Empty or Full Stomach – which is best?

Empty or Full Stomach - which is best? »

To eat or not to eat?  That is the big question!  We often get asked should we take our Canna Oils BCP on an empty stomach or with food.  There are a few factors to consider when deciding what is right for you. 


Here’s an except from a previous blog where we discussed absorption and getting the most out of your BCP.  Click here for the full article.

“Firstly, it is really important to hold the oil under your tongue for as long as you can.  At least 30 – 40 seconds allows more time for the mucous membrane to absorb the BCP before entering the digestive system.  BCP is fat soluble, as opposed to water-soluble.  So when we swallow the oil, digestive acids and enzymes destroy a large percentage of BCP before it has a chance to be absorbed.  And the small amount that gets through the intestinal wall is subject to being metabolised by the liver before it reaches the rest of the body.

You don’t have to stand there and count every second, but the longer you can leave the oil under the tongue, the better.  Don’t think of it as wasted time, but use it as an opportunity to clear your thoughts and even imagine in your mind’s eye the BCP absorbing and how wonderful the benefits are going to be – imagination is a great tool!!

Secondly, absorption can be significantly better when taken with food compared to on an empty stomach.  

Due to the fat-soluble nature of BCP, including a healthy source of fat in your meal such as avocado, high-omega-3 fish, good quality butter or nuts and seeds, can help even more. By doing so, the BCP dissolves in the dietary fats and disperses into smaller particle sizes that are easier to absorb.  So the extra oil that didn’t absorb through the mucus membrane can still be absorbed, just in a different way.

Food also slows down the rate at which BCP is removed from the blood. The presence or absence of food may have a greater effect than dosage levels on clearance rates.”

If you do take your BCP with or after a meal, it may be good practice to rinse your mouth first – just to clear any food that may be lying under the tongue that could potentially hinder absorption.

The question is – what is my morning routine? If taking your BCP first thing is going to mean that you won’t forget to take it later, then take it on an empty stomach.   Let’s not split hairs here – obviously taking it on an empty stomach and maybe not getting as much absorption is better than not taking it all!!!


Personally, I don’t have an issue with an empty stomach (I take mine as soon as I get up, this helps keep me in routine), and I feel fine. Chris, on the other hand, says that makes him feel a bit yuck, so he has something to eat first.  This may be something you have to experiment with to see how you feel.  I tend to not eat in the morning, but have a fatty latte instead, so I am having some good fats in the morning, just not at the same time.


Simply put, it’s probably better to take your BCP with or after a meal, as absorption will be more effective.  BUT, if this means you may forget your morning serving, take it first thing!!  SIMPLE!

I hope this was of help to some of you.  Stay warm!

Disclaimer:  The information in this post is for reference purposes only and not intended to constitute or replace professional medical advice or personal research. Please consult a qualified medical professional before making any changes to your diet, medications or lifestyle. Effects are provided as a guide only.  Statements have not been evaluated by the TGA.

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