Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Oil. What is the difference?

Hemp Seed Oil & Hemp Oil. What is the difference? »

This week, I wanted to address a few questions all in one, as they basically have the same answer. 

Firstly, why do we add Hemp Seed Oil to our Blend products and what is it good for? 

Secondly, a lot of people we talk to say they are taking Hemp Oil (thinking it’s CBD) but on further discussion find out that they are taking Hemp Seed Oil. Terminology, seems to be very confusing to many people, and rightly so. 

So I’ve pasted below an excerpt from a great article clearly explaining the difference (comments mine).

Do you know the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil? Don’t worry if you don’t; it’s easy to get them confused! And to add to the confusion, the terms and labels used to identify them also vary from country to country. 

…..Due to the similar names, there’s a common misunderstanding about how the two compare to one another. This misunderstanding is a regular one in Australia because people see hemp as a dietary supplement and marijuana as medicinal….

Today we’re going to distinguish the differences, and impart you with up-to-date knowledge and terminology so that you can make an educated purchase…

What do people mean when they say Hemp Seed Oil? Hemp Seed Oil has been around for centuries, yet has never been confused with other byproducts of hemp. So why now?

The legalisation of Hemp and hemp-based products has brought about a whole new challenge in understanding. Those with little or no knowledge of the plant often mistake Hemp Seed Oil for Hemp Oil. Hemp Seed Oil can be extracted from Hemp Seeds and produces a light to dark green oil with a nutty flavour and a variety of uses. This type of oil for food was legal in Australia as of 2017, since before the legalisation of other Hemp-based oils. ……

Hemp Seeds are entirely free of any cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC etc.). Instead, they have a nutrient-rich profile that offers a plethora of benefits to you as a consumer. How? Well, Hemp Seeds are loaded with Omega oils, protein, fibre, antioxidants and fatty acids that:

Improve your immune system Keep your cardiovascular system healthy.
Boost gastrointestinal functions Fight off aggressors and keeps the skin young.
May also exhibit anti-cancer effects.

What do people mean when they say Hemp Oil? People could mean many things when they say Hemp Oil due to the general confusion among the masses about what it is. We’re here to clear that up. Hemp Oil refers to what we call CBD oil, which is mainly extracted from the flowers of the female Hemp plant but can sometimes incorporate the leaves and stalk of the plant. CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that is extracted from the Cannabis plant…..

Conclusion: Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil differ in their composition, source, extraction method, availability and their usage, although they are usually confused as the same product. 

Thus, our general advice of always buying from a well-reputed company and carefully reading the product packaging before any purchase seems to be applicable here as well. Buying from a trusted company that third-party tests its products not only saves you money and fatigue in the long run, but also ensures product quality and your safety. 

So, what does that all mean?

1. Basically, you can go down to your local Coles, Woolies or Health Food Store (even some servo’s) and buy Hemp SEED Oil straight off the shelf – add to your salads or take a swig daily to supplement your essential fatty acids and your Omega intake. 

Hemp SEED Oil can also be used for topical uses and this is why Canna-Oils offers the Blend product.  The Hemp SEED Oil is added as a carrier oil to the Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) and can be used either topically or orally.  Many people find benefit from our Blend product when applying topically, the carrier oil is great for spreading over large areas of the body.  When taking orally we recommend a higher serving suggestion than the Ultra as the BCP is the active ingredient that activates our CB2 receptors for maximum benefit (so basically double the amount of the Ultra).

2.  When you see “Hemp Oil” products, always take a closer look and see if it is CBD oil or Hemp SEED oil.  We’ve talked to so many people that thought they had purchased CBD oil but in fact were just taking a dietary supplement.

Just a reminder that in Australia, CBD is technically only legal via prescription sourced through your GP. That’s why Canna Oils BCP is a great legal alternative!

Hope that brings clarity to many of you.  Don’t forget that you can message us if you have any concerns or further questions.  We are here to help you make informed purchases and always have our customer’s health at the forefront of what we do.

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