Mental Health & Long-Covid

This week, let’s talk about mental health. I discovered a Scientific Review from The National Library of Medicine that looked at mental health disorders, long-covid and how Beta Caryophyllene (BCP) may help. The Review was published in March 2024, so it’s hot off the press!! Here’s a summary of what the Review had to say:

Mental disorders, like depression and anxiety, are some of the biggest health challenges worldwide.

Now, since the COVID-19 lockdowns, things have gotten even tougher, especially for young people. Teens have faced isolation, disrupted routines, and limited access to healthcare, which can really take a toll on their mental well-being.

You may have heard of a condition that is being coined “long-term COVID”. This condition can cause lasting problems with thinking and mental health, along with other symptoms.

Scientists think that a big part of mental health issues, including those related to long-COVID, might be because of inflammation in the brain. So recently, they’ve been looking into the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) as a possible way to help with depression and anxiety.

Basically, the ECS is a system in our bodies that helps regulate things like mood and stress. And there are natural and synthetic compounds, called cannabinoids, that can interact with this system to potentially help with mental health issues.

The Review stated that one natural compound in particular, BCP has shown a lot of promise. As we already know, BCP is found in various plants and has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The researchers believe that BCP could be a helpful natural option for treating mental health issues without causing any mind-altering effects. The Review states: “Moreover, its widespread presence in edible plants and safe consumption with no toxicity profile suggest that BCP could be advocated as a nutraceutical and functional food, contributing to overall health and well-being.”

Just a reminder: Canna Oils BCP is extracted from Cloves!!

The scientists looked closely at how BCP might help with depression and anxiety by calming inflammation in the brain. This is due to BCP’s ability to activate the CB2 receptors of the ECS. It’s exciting because it could open up new ways to manage these conditions without causing any mind-altering effects.

So, while more research is needed, it’s pretty cool to think that compounds like BCP could offer some relief for those struggling with mental health issues and long-covid symptoms.

I trust that you found this interesting and helpful.


Disclaimer:  The information in this post is for reference purposes only and not intended to constitute or replace professional medical advice or personal research. Please consult a qualified medical professional before making any changes to your diet, medications or lifestyle. Effects are provided as a guide only.  Statements have not been evaluated by the TGA.

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