Routine could be the key to your success!

A lot of people struggle with routine, while others love structure to help keep them on track. Being regimented can be a good and a bad thing, we all need to just go with “the flow” sometimes and not let our routine stop us from stepping out of our comfort zone or experiencing special times with family and friends.  We all have to make choices that work for YOU!

But, there are definitely times when having a daily routine is best. 

And that is particularly true when taking your Canna Oils BCP.

1. Why is it important to take your Canna Oils BCP morning & night?

….ensure you get your daily dose (of Beta Caryophyllene – BCP) in the morning and last thing at night. The morning dose will help increase your body’s ability to fight off harmful processes, while the night dose will function in a restorative capacity.

This is because Canna Oils BCP is a supplement.  Just to recap – our bodies produce a substance called endogenous cannabinoids, and this chemical interacts with the CB2 receptors of our Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  But due to a lot of factors such as lifestyle and a bit of genetics, our bodies don’t produce enough endogenous cannabinoids to keep our ECS working optimally. 

The great news is, is that Beta Caryophyllene mimics the endogenous cannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce.  So if we want to keep our ECS functioning to give us the benefits that we love, we have to keep it supplemented. 

2. Ways to incorporate Canna Oils BCP into your daily structure!

They used to say it takes 21 days to set up a habit, but the latest research says it’s more like 66 days (bummer).  So to help us to remember to take our Canna Oils BCP morning and night until it becomes a habit, we need to place our bottle of “liquid gold” somewhere that we can see it easily and make it a part of our daily routines.

In our household, I (Julie) am the one that just loves routine and structure, but Chris on the other hand needs a little nudge now and then to keep him on track!!  It’s out of sight, it’s out of mind!

So to help us BOTH, I put our bottle of Canna Oils BCP on a tray in the bathroom with my skin care products – it’s something that I do morning & night!!  This also helps Chris, because it’s right in front of him.  NB: If leaving out of a cupboard, just don’t have your bottle in direct sunlight, like on a windowsill – the BCP doesn’t like that!!

Simply find something that you do morning and night and add Canna Oils BCP to that routine.  A cup of tea?  Put your bottle next to the kettle.  Just remember, it’s best to take your Canna Oils BCP about 10 mins before or after cleaning teeth or food/liquids.  So have your drops first, before filling the kettle to give it enough time to absorb.  Another, place might be on your bedside table – it’s right there when you wake up and there when you hop into bed at night!!

I hope that this has given you some helpful information to encourage you to take your Canna Oils BCP both in the morning and night, and also given you some ideas on how you can make taking your drops a simple part of your day.

Have a great week!!


The above information is for educational purposes only – not intended as medical advice.

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