Can Beta Caryophyllene assist those with dementia??

We currently are aware of a few people taking Canna Oils BCP that have dementia and reports back are that it has been benefiting them.  So, why is it helpful? 

Firstly, what is dementia?


Dementia is a neurodegenerative disorder majorly evidenced by cognitive impairment. Although there are many types of dementia, the common underlying etiological factors in all the types are neuro-inflammation or aging induced apoptosis. Beta caryophyllene, a cannabinoid type-2 receptor agonist, has been reported to have promising neuroprotective effects in cerebral ischemia and neuro-inflammation.

So again, we see that activating our CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System plays such a crucial role in our wellbeing. 

Results of a study showed –

Beta caryophyllene…… showed significant improvement in memory when assessed using parameters like target quadrant entries, escape latency and path efficiency in the Morris water maze test for spatial memory. In the doxorubicin-induced chemobrain model, Beta caryophyllene at 100 mg/kg significantly elevated acetylcholinesterase and catalase levels and lowered lipid peroxidation compared to the disease control. In the novel object recognition task, Beta caryophyllene at 100 mg/kg significantly improved recognition index and discrimination index in the treated animals compared to the disease control, with a significant increase in catalase and a decrease in lipid peroxidation in both hippocampus and frontal cortex.

Results –

Hence, we conclude that Beta caryophyllene at 100 mg/kg protects against dementia induced by neuro-inflammation with no effect on neuronal aging induced by mitochondrial dysfunction.

It’s all very “sciency” but I think you get the general idea – BCP has great neuroprotective properties and may help prevent the onset and assist in the management of dementia.

Can Beta Caryophyllene assist those with dementia?? » dementia

Remember – At the core of every disease lies some kind of inflammation.

While beta caryophyllene can help alleviate pain through its anti-inflammatory properties, it also contributes to protecting the body and brain from disease.

So, in conclusion, because of it’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties Canna Oils BCP helps with prevention against disease as well as a supplement against existing conditions.

It’s a double edged sword against disease!!

Be sure to re-read our past Blog on BCP – the brain, strokes and Alzheimer’s.


The above information is for educational purposes only – not intended as medical advice.

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